The Seahorse Bioscience XF-24 analyzer, which is capable of measuring the rate of change of analytes (currently dissolved oxygen and pH) in the media surrounding living cells, is currently available for use in the Genomics Core Facility. The XF-24 analyzer is equipped to do analyte measurements in a 24-well format and allows for the injection of 4 drugs per well.

The GCF will soon acquire an upgraded version of the analyzer, the XF24-3 which in addition to measuring oxygen consumption rate (OCR) and extracellular acidification rate (ECAR), can also measure carbon dioxide production rate (CPDR).

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XF24 Software

XF24 Software Version 1.8 highlights:

  • New XF Glycolysis Stress Test Kit App provides a streamlined assay design workflow, and automated data analysis and output of the three key parameters of glycolysis: Glycolysis, Glycolytic Capacity, and Glycolytic Reserve Capacity.
  • The XF Cell Mito Stress Test App now automatically applies error bars to output data, simplifying post-experiment data analysis and preparation for publication.
  • The XF Prep Station control software is now an independent application, allowing you to run the XF Prep Station while an experiment is running on the XF Analyzer. Now collect data on one XF assay plate while preparing your next assay plate for measurement.
  • Expanded support for OCR calculations in the XF24 V28 tissue culture plate, with the AKOS algorithm. The new XF software automatically recognizes when a V28 plate is inserted into the instrument – no user intervention required - and applies the appropriate calculations to ensure the highest accuracy in reported OCR measurements.
  • New feature: XF24-3 users can now view CO2 evolution rates (CDER) in a point-to-point display.
  • Updated Digital Signature Certificate for Excel data files.

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The maximum amount of time per run is 3 hours (including cartridge calibration).

It is the responsibility of the user to ensure that the sensor cartridge be hydrated overnight prior to use. The GCF has a non-CO2 incubator which can be used for preparation of the cartridge.

Appointments for use of this instrument can be made by Pennington employees using the Outlook calendar. The instrument resource is listed in Outlook as R_GCF_XF24.

Detailed instructions for using the Outlook calendar to schedule an instrument (resource) may be found in the Scheduling Resources - Frequently Asked Questions.

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A single XF-24 run is $10.00.

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Training is required before use of this instrument.

Individual consultation and training may be scheduled by contacting GCF. An XF-24 analyzer protocol is available.

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