Qubit Fluorometer


The Genomics Core Facility offers the use of a Qubit® Fluorometer. This instrument can accurately detect very low concentrations of DNA, RNA, and protein. Using a fluorometric detector, the Qubit® can measure your target concentration without the interference of contaminants which are present in your sample.

Differences between the Qubit® fluorometer and the NanoDrop® Spectrophotometer

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Qubit Assays

Qubit® Assay Kit Assay Range Sample Starting Concentration 100 Samples* 500 Samples*
dsDNA HS Assay 0.2 – 100 ng 10 pg/µL – 100 ng/µL Q32851 Q32854
dsDNA BR Assay 2 – 1000 ng 100 pg/µL – 1 ug/µL Q32850 Q32853
ssDNA Assay 1 – 200 ng 50 pg/µL – 200 ng/µL Q10212 Not Available
RNA Assay 5 – 100 ng 250 pg/µL – 100 ng/µL Q32852 Q32855
RNA BR Assay 20 – 1000 ng 1 ng/µL – 1 µg/µL Q10210 Q10211
Protein Assay 0.25 – 5 µg 12.5 µg/mL – 5 mg/mL Q33211 Q33212

* Based on an assay volume of 200 μL.

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The use of the Qubit® is free of charge. Please provide your own Qubit® kit reagents and laboratory supplies when using the instrument.

Appointments may be reserved by Pennington employees using the Outlook calendar. The Qubit is listed in Outlook as R_GCF_Qubit.

Detailed instructions for using the Outlook calendar to schedule an instrument (resource) may be found in the Scheduling Resources - Frequently Asked Questions.

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If you use your own Qubit® kit reagents and laboratory supplies when using the instrument, there is no charge.  Otherwise, there is a charge of $1.00 per sample.

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