The Odyssey Infrared Imager uses direct infrared fluorescence detection for western blot analysis. Infrared detection gives quantitative analysis and wide linear dynamic range superior to traditional western blot analysis. The Odyssey is equipped with two infrared channels for direct fluorescence detection on membranes. You can probe two separate targets in the same experiment. The second color may be used for normalization. The In-Cell Western assay is an immunocytochemical technique performed with cultured cells in microtiter plates. This assay uses target-specific antibodies to quantify protein levels in fixed cells. Steps such as lysate preparation and gel electrophoresis are eliminated.

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New users must contact GCF to request an account on the Odyssey computer. You must provide a temporary password and your email address for account setup.

Appointments may be reserved by Pennington employees using the Outlook calendar. The Odyssey is listed in Outlook as R_GCF_Odyssey.

Detailed instructions for using the Outlook calendar to schedule an instrument (resource) may be found in the Scheduling Resources - Frequently Asked Questions.

Persons outside of Pennington may request a reservation by contacting GCF.

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The Genomics Core Facility does not charge for use of this instrument.

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Genomics Core Facility personnel can provide basic software guidance. A tutorial manual and a protocol manual are available.

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